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How do I modify a connection to a DICOM or Remote server?

If visible, you can modify the connection settings of a DICOM or Remote server from the list of sources in the database window. If not, you can modify its settings from the list of clients in the preference panel.

From the Database window:

1. Select the source node that needs to be modified.
2. Keep your mouse cursor above the name of the source and click on the right button of your mouse.

3. In the popup menu, choose "Properties". A Dialog window will open.
4. Modify if necessary the server name (something more friendly than the AE Title), the AE Title, the IP address of the server, its port number.

5. Modify if necessary the other settings properly:
  • "Warn if a search has no criteria": when you will browse the server for studies, it may take a very long time if you didn't specify any criteria in your request (the server may contains hundred of thousand of studies). Check on this option if you would like to have a warning message to appear when such situation may come.
  • "Authorize this client to access to this computer": check on this option if the server is authorized to connect to your computer. Generally, for a DICOM server, you need to check on this option. When importing images from a DICOM server, a new connection will be initiate by the DICOM server to Onis. If this option is checked off, the new connection will failed and the images will not be imported. You need also to check on this option to authorize modalities to silently store their images to your local database. If you authorize the client to connect to your computer, you can precise which rights this client have:
    • Find: the client will be allowed to process some query request on Onis (i.e. Onis will respond to study browsing requests from this client). This allows the client to know which studies and series are stored in Onis database.
    • Move: the client is allowed to retrieve some studies, series or images from Onis (using the CMOVE or CGET DICOM protocol if the client is a DICOM node)
    • Store: the client is allowed to store some studies, series or images to Onis. This right is mandatory if you want to be able to import images from this client.
  • "I want to connect to this computer": typically, you need to check this option on when you want to browse studies that are contained in the server database. For modalities that will only silently store images to your local database, you should check this option off. When checked on, a new node will be created in the database page that you can select to browse studies.
  • "Code page": you can set the default code page which should be used to communicate with the client. Onis has been designed to be language independent. Onis store all its data in a Unicode format. To communicate with a PACS Workstation, Onis need to know which language is used by this workstation to communicate properly. If Onis and the workstation "speak" the same language, you don't need to define this parameter and the default code page will be the one used by the operating system. If you need to define this parameter, you can know the right code page to use in the "Regional and Language Options" of your operating system.
    "Session ID": some servers (like the remote server) can define a session ID for security reason (only client that knows this session ID can be connected to the server). You can specify the session ID here.
6. Click the "Modify" button.

If the "I want to connect to this computer" was checked off, the node will be removed from the source list. If you wish to modify again this server/client, you need to modify it from the preference panel.

From the preference panel:

1. Open the preference panel (click on the "Preferences" button in the database page)
2. Select the "Servers" category
3. Select the "Clients" page
4. Double click on the field you want to modify. For example, if you want to modify the IP Address of the client "my DICOM Server", simply double click on its IP Address and assign the new one. Please refer to the "From the database window" section to get information about the meaning of each column (the "Visibility" column corresponds to the "I want to connect to this computer" property).You can simply hit the tabulation key to move to the next column. To move to the previous column, hit the tabulation key while holding the Shift key.

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