Onis 2.6
Packages :
Onis 2.6 Professional

ONIS 2.6 Professional is a powerful DICOM 2D/3D viewer and server, compatible with all modalities and all manufacturers. It can load any plugins

Onis 2.6 Ultimate

ONIS 2.6 Ultimate offers all of the features found in ONIS 2.6, including a fast and robust full DICOM Server and our Remote server that let you share your images, annotations and reports from any location.

Onis 2.5 Free Edition

This package is a great start to discover ONIS 2.5. It is completely free of charge and is aimed at no-professional users and radiology students.


Plugins :
Dicom Server

Transform your ONIS 2.6 Professional into a fast and robust full featured DICOM server.

Remote Server

Share all your images, annotations and reports on your local network or over the internet.


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