Online support...
At Digitalcore, we provide very affordable medical imaging solutions. However, we also provide support to our customers via email, forums and other support channels. Whenever you have a question, please first check if the answer can be found in the Q&A section of the support page. If not, you can use the forum area and post a topic. You can ask anything, from a bug report to a functionality request.


Premium member...
Any bugs found or reported will be corrected in the next release of ONIS. For professionals, we understand that quick bug fixes is often an absolute necessity. To facilitate this, we have created a "Premium member" account. The Premium members can report bugs and download fixed versions of ONIS 2.6 well before the formal release is posted. If you are interested in the Premium member account, please contact us at premium@onis-viewer.com

Local distributors and Resellers
We also have local distributors and resellers that can provide on-site technical support. If you are looking for a distributor in your area, or if you are interested in becoming a sales partner of DigitalCore, please contact us at sales@onis-viewer.com




Delivering solutions designed to meet your specific requirements may necessitate a degree of customization of ONIS 2.6 and/or the developpement of additional, new plugins. Digitalcore\'s team of highly-skilled systems engineers and developers can work with you to customize ONIS 2.6 or develop new plugins, conforming to your needs and requirements, and employing the appropriate methods and best practices.

We have already done many customizations for our existing customers, from the support of barcode reader to the integration with their HIS/RIS system.

If you need something that is not yet supported by ONIS 2.6, please contact us at custom@onis-viewer.com

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