Remote Server

Using this plugin, all the images, annotations and reports that are stored in your local database are accessible from a remote location. Define the list of users that can connect to your database and allow them to read images, create or modify annotations and reports simultaneously from any location. All they will need is the ONIS 2.6 Professional package with the Remote client plugin.

The data transmission between the server and the clients can be encrypted for total security. Also, different permissions can be configured for each users.


With Remote Server, you could for example setup one computer to be the main server for all of your images, annotations and reports. All reading doctors can simply access this main server (using ONIS 2.6 with the Remote client plugin) to read studies and write/verify reports. With Remote server plugin, you can centralize all your images, annotations and reports into a single location, with the added benefit of creating a centralized archive point for backups.


One of its key advantages of the Remote Server is its speed. In a local network environment, it is sometimes so fast that you will not notice much of a difference to working on a local database. Its multi-threaded architecture also supports a significant number of simultaneous connections without unduly affecting performance. With the plugin installed, a new page in the preferences panel will allow you to easily administer the Remote server.

The Remote server will use the local database plugin to store, search and transfer images, annotations and reports. By using the MSSQL server 2008 database plugin, millions of images can be stored and shared (provided enough disk storage is available).

  • Transform your ONIS 2.6 into a Server/Client architecture  
  • Archive and share all your DICOM images, annotations and reports on your local network  
  • Centralize all your images, annotations and reports into a single location  
  • Reading doctors can work from anywhere  
  • Millions of images can be stored with the MSSQL Server 2008 database plugin
  • Support for JPEG Lossy, JPEG Lossless, JPEG2000 and RLE
  • Fully multi-threaded (supports a significant number of clients simoultaneously)
  • Unlimited number of clients
  • Encrypted communications available
  • Can define user rights for each client (store, read, move, transfer images, write, modify, verify reports, etc...)
  • Supports all character sets, including Japanese
  • Easy administration
  • Realtime colored log viewer
  • Very fast and robust
PRICE : $250.00
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