Onis 2.6 Professional

ONIS 2.6 Professional is a powerful DICOM 2D/3D viewer, compatible with all modalities and all manufacturers. It can load any of the plugins, has support for multi-monitor configurations, can display images "on-demand" and more. This package is aimed at professional radiologists or other medical imaging professionals.

ONIS 2.6 Professional package is an ideal client workstation for your PACS environment. It offers many unique and advanced features such as powerful annotation system where annotations can interact with each other, double oblique MPR, MIP 3D Volume rendering, the on demand viewer (displaying images from a DICOM server without importing them into the local database) and much much more.

The functionalities can be extended later by loading more plugins. For example, you can add the "DICOM Server" plugin to transform your ONIS 2.6 into a fast and robust DICOM server. You may also be interested in the "Remote Server" plugin to share your images, annotations and reports on your local network or over the internet.

  1. ONIS 2.6 software - fast, powerful DICOM viewer
  2. Plugins:
                    -  Folder Sources - to read DICOM images directly from a folder on your disk
                    -  Optical Sources - to read DICOM images directly from an optical drive (CD or DVD)
                    -  Dicom Client - to read DICOM images from a remote DICOM Server
                    -  Double Oblique MPR - add the double oblique MPR capability
                    -  MIP 3D Volume - add the Maximum Intensity Projection volume rendering to the viewer
                    -  Report and Printing - add the reporting and printing capability
                    -  Database (MS-Access) - to store the images, annotations and reports in local
                    -  Remote Client - to acess to shared images, annotations and reports
                    -  Cardiothoracic Ratio - to measure the cardiothoracic ratio in just a few clicks
                    -  DICOM Converter - to convert BMP, JPEG and PNG images into DICOM images

  • Read and display all DICOM files from any modalities

  • Multi-frame images support

  • "On demand" capability (Can open DICOM files directly from a DICOM server, CD or a folder without downloading them into the local database first)

  • Support DICOM network services (C-FIND SCU, C-GET SCU, C-MOVE SCU, C-STORE SCP/SCU)

  • Double oblique MPR (Multi Planar Reconstruction)

  • MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection)

  • Scout image/localizer support

  • Advanced measurement tools (distance, angle, line, polyline, rectangle, polygon, oval, pen, arrow, text, ratio, orthogonal, parallel, etc...)

  • Annotations can interact with the others

  • Annotation focus

  • Annotation export to Excel

  • Synchronize series

  • Cine mode (forward, backward, swing)

  • Image filtering (linear and bicubic interpolation)

  • Custom Window Level

  • Export images in DICOM, JPEG or BMP format

  • Read and write DICOM CD (DVD on vista) - DICOMDIR support

  • Grayscale DICOM Print capability

  • Report editor

  • Multi-monitors support

  • Can define per-modality display layouts

  • Full support for Japanese characters

  • Creation of DICOM CD-ROMs
  • Plugin support for additional functionalities

  • Multi-threaded (multi-processors and multi-core optimization)

  • Optimization for speed or low memory consumption selectable

  • Windows Vista compatible

  • Intel Core Duo 1.6GHz, Pentium 4 2GHz or AMD Athlon 2000+ (or better)

  • 512 MB memory or more (1024 MB for Windows Vista)

  • Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP (SP2/SP3)

  • VGA card and monitor that support resolution 1024*768 or above

  • 30 MB free space on hard disk

PRICE : $398.00
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