When reading studies and series from a remote location, such as a DICOM Server or the Remote Server, it is not necessary to import the images to the local database first.

The images are displayed directly to the monitors and you can start to make measures as soon as the first image of the series appears.

Many hospitals pre-send the images from their DICOM server to one or more DICOM clients during the night. With ONIS, this workflow simply becomes obsolete. Just read the images "on demand" without importing them first.

"On-demand" even works with a third party DICOM server (that supports the "Move Originator Message ID" (0000,1031) and "Move Originator Application Entity Title" (0000,1030) when sending CSTORE messages during processing CMOVE operations). For best performance with the DICOM Server, we recommand that you connect using our DICOM Server plugin, which transforms your ONIS into a fast and robust DICOM Server. And with our "Remote server" plugin, you can also remotely access all your annotations and reports. Load, create or modify annotations and reports and save them onto the remote server.

In a local network environment, "on demand" viewing is sometimes so fast that you won\'t notice much a difference to working offline. It is fully multi-threaded, to support a significant number of simultaneous connections without unduly affecting performance. You can also load, export or transfer several series of images at the same time.

Don\'t waste time, make it simple with ONIS!

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