Database (MS-Access)

This plugin adds a local database to ONIS 2.6 that is used to import DICOM studies, series and images on your local hard disk. You can then browse this local database to find, open, transfer or export images. The database can also store your annotations and reports.

This database is based on MS-ACCESS. It is one of the simpliest and most flexible database solutions on the market today. It has a 2GB maximum size limitation, which is sufficient for storing tens of thousand of DICOM images.

This plugin will add a "Local" source in ONIS 2.6 and a "Local server" page in the preferences panel. As soon as the plugin is loaded, you can start to import, transfer, export or open images from the local source. This database will also be the source for other plugins such as the DICOM Server or the Remote Server plugins.

This plugin is free of charge and is included in all of the three packages (Free edition, Professional, and Ultimate packages). If you need a store hundreds of thousands or millions of DICOM images (typically if you want to use ONIS 2.6 as your DICOM server and/or Remote server), you will probably want to use a more professional and reliable database such as MSSQL Server 2008.

  • Allow to store your images, annotations and reports in a local database

  • Create a previsualisation thumbnail for each imported DICOM image to help when browsing your images

  • Conflict management of duplicate images (if the same image is imported twice, you may choose to overwrite or leave the original image)

  • Conflict management of database header information at the patient, study, series, and image level. User configurable conflict resolution through global settings within the preferences panel

  • Can create an automatic patient ID if the imported image does not contain any

  • Password protection when deleting images

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