Report and Printing

This plugin adds two great features to ONIS 2.6: Reporting and printing.


With this plugin, you are able to read, write and verify reports. They can include any kind of images (2D, key images, selected, generated by the MPR or MIP plugins...), annotations can be created or modified in the report itself and a historical list of reports for each patient can be displayed. Reports can be printed or they can be saved directly to the database.

With the Remote Server plugin, you can even access to your reports from any location to read, write or verify them.


With this plugin, you are able to print images. Although you already can print images of a study with the "quick print" function, this plugin will allow greater flexibility: you will be able to capture any image from any rendering view (2D, MPR or MIP) and place them into a list. Anytime you want, you can then print all of the images on the list, even if you have already closed the studies that contained the images. Furthmore, you can define a different layout for each printed page.

This plugin is free of charge and is included with the Professional and Ultimate packages.

  • Load, write and verify reports

  • View the history of reports attached to a patient

  • Create and modify annotations in the reports before printing

  • Modify the window level, position, rotation and scale of images before printing them or saving them into a report

  • Add a comment for each image in a report

  • Preview before printing

  • Define the layout of each page before printing

  • Capture images from the 2D, MPR and MIP views

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