ONIS incorporates the most advanced plugin architecture. A single framework with a lot of component plugins that can be loaded according to your needs and workflow requirements. It can be adapted to match any existing workflow you may have or simply create a new one!

One single application, a lot of components. This unique approach ensures a great homogeneity in the user interface and logic. Each plugin adds some unique functionalities, such as creating a new source for DICOM images, enabling the sharing of all your images, annotations and reports on a local or World Wide Web network, or adding volume rendering capabilities. All of these plugins fit seemlessly into the user interface of ONIS. For example, if you choose to read images from the local database, a CD/DVD or from a DICOM Server, the interface for browsing, exporting, opening, transferring remains exactly the same.

There are currently 11 plugins available. Each package (Free, Professional and Ultimate) includes some of them.

  1. Database (MS-ACCESS) - to store the images, annotations and reports in local

  2. Database (MSSQL Server 2008) - to store million of images, annotations and reports in local

  3. Folder Sources - to read DICOM images directly from a folder on your disk

  4. Optical Sources - to read DICOM images directly from an optical drive (CD or DVD)

  5. DICOM Client - to read DICOM images from a remote DICOM Server

  6. DICOM Server - fast, robust and reliable DICOM server

  7. Remote Server - to share your images, annotations and reports from any location

  8. Remote Client - to access to shared images, annotations and reports

  9. Double Oblique MPR - add the double oblique MPR capability

  10. MIP 3D Volume - add the Maximum Intensity Projection volume rendering to the viewer

  11. Report and Printing - add the reporting and printing capability

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