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How do I configure my DICOM Server?

To configurate your DICOM server, follow the steps described below:

  1. Open the preference panel (click on the "Preferences" button in the database page).
  2. Select the "Servers" category.
  3. Select the "DICOM Server" page.

  4. To modify the settings, the DICOM server must be stopped first. Click on the "Shutdown Server" button if necessary.
  5. Assign an AE Title and a port number to Onis. Check also if the IP Address is the one of the computer on which Onis is running to.
  6. You can modify the maximum number of simultaneous connections to the server.
  7. Select the PDU size used when Onis is communicating with a DICOM server/client. It is recommended that it does not exceed 64 Kbytes.
  8. You can modify if you wish the timeout settings:
    • Idle: this is the maximum time a connection (socket) from a PACS Workstation to Onis can remain opened when there is no exchange of information. This prevents to accumulate dead connection.
    • Connection: this is the maximum time a connection (socket) can wait for a connection request or an association response.
    • CMOVE: this is the maximum time Onis will wait for a CMOVE response from a PACS Workstation (when Onis requests to retrieve some images from a PACS Workstation).
    • CSTORE: This is the maximum time Onis will wait for a CSTORE response from a PACS workstation (when Onis will store images from its local database to a PACS Workstation).
  9. Select the security level. If the "Verify Calling AE Title" is checked off, any client will be able to connect to your computer, even if they are not listed in the client list. If checked on, Onis will check if the client has been registered in Onis to authorize the connection.

Click on the "Start Server" button to start the DICOM Server. You can choose to automatically start the DICOM Server when Onis starts by checking on the "Auto Start" check box. If checked off, you will have to manually start the DICOM Server if you need it after Onis started.

The DICOM server will use the local source to proceed all requests. For example, when the DICOM server receives a request to store an image (CSTORE command), the DICOM server will verify the authorizations and send back the CSTORE request to the local server. You may need to configure the local server according to your needs.
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