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Can I use multiple criteria to search studies?

Yes, you can use multiple criteria to search for studies. The criteria can be a combination of the following:

  • Patient Name
  • Patient ID
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Study date
  • Modality
  • Body part
  • Study Description
  • Study ID
  • Accession number

You can use the edit boxes that are located just under the header of the study list to input your criteria. You can write down all or part of the patient name, patient id, body part, study description, study ID or accession number you wish to find. For performing text searches, two wildcard characters are supported:
  • The asterisk (*) stands for any combination of letters ("m*" refers for all patient name that begin by m for example).
  • The question mark (?) matches any single letter character.
You can then hit the return key to start the query or you can click on the search icon.

The snapshot below shows the search for the studies from the local database that match those criteria:

  • The patient name starts by "Anon"
  • Male patients
  • The images was generated by a CT modality
  • The body part contains the "SPI" string

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