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I want to import studies located on a DICOM or a Remote server. How should I proceed?

To import studies, series or images from a DICOM or a Remote server, follow the steps described below:

  1. Choose the DICOM source or Remote source from which you want to import images. Please refer to the "How do I connect to a DICOM or a Remote server?" question to learn how to connect to a server.

  2. Query the server for studies, series or images that you want to import. Please refer the "Can I use multiple criteria to search studies?" question to to learn how to proceed.
  3. Select the studies, series, or images you want to import. Multiple studies or series can be selected by clicking while holding the "Shift" key for continuous selection or the "Ctrl" key for a noncontiguous selection. You can do this selection either in the list of studies and series of the database window or in the list of thumbnails.
  4. Start to import the studies, series, or images you have selected by clicking on the "Download" button from the toolbar of the database window. Instead of using this button, you also can keep your mouse cursor above one of the selected row and click on the right button of the mouse. One popup menu will appear. Choose "Import" to start importing the selected studies, series, or images. You can do the same operation from the list of icons.

The import process will start when the following window appears:

You can stop to import images anytime by clicking the "Stop" button.
You also can see how many images has been successfully imported so far, how many failed, and how many images remained to be imported. If all images will be successfully imported, this window will close automatically.
You can hide this window any time by clicking on the "Hide" button. The import process will continue, running in background. You can display again this window anytime by clicking on the import icon located at the right side of the source name in the source list.

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