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How to create and modify a split on a segment?

You can create a split on annotations composed of segments: line, polyline, polygon, measure, angle and rectangle.

Create a split on a segment of annotation with the "2D Actions" button:
  1. Select one segment by clicking on it with the left mouse button. When a segment is selected, some green circles are displayed around its points. (Multiple segments can be selected by clicking on the left mouse button while holding the 'Shift' key. You can unselect segments by clicking on it while holding the 'Ctrl' key.)
  2. Click on the "2D Actions" button of the 2D Viewer window. A menu will appear under your mouse cursor.
  3. Click on "Split".

    You can also create a split by 2 others methods: by the top menu of the 2D viewer window, or by the context menu.
    See "How to launch actions".

Modify the position of a split:
  1. Select one split by clicking on it with the left mouse button. When a split is selected, one green circle is displayed at the intersection of the segment and its split.
  2. Keep your mouse cursor on the green circle, press the left button of the mouse and hold it.
  3. While holding the left button, drag your mouse to change the position of the split.
  4. Release the right button of the mouse.
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