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How to modify the layout? How to show/hide DICOM Information, annotations, ruler, toolbar, proprieties area (information box)?

You can modify the layout by selecting or unselecting your preferences in the "view" menu (in the top menu of the 2D Viewer window).

(1) Display DICOM Information: To display or hide information on the 4 corners of each image.
(2) Display Annotations: To display or hide every annotation inside images (Example below: the ellipse is an annotation).
(3) Display Ruler: To display or hide dimension ruler in images.
(4) Show the toolbar: To show or hide the toolbar.
(5) Show the information Box: To show or hide the information box (Example below: the "annotations" box).
(6) Full Screen: To show images in Full screen. To quit the "full screen" mode, hit the "F10" key.

Full screen mode:

To change your layout to the full screen mode, click on "F10" key. To quit it, hit again the "F10" key.

  • Example of full screen:

  • In full screen mode, you can show or hide the toolbar and the information box by clicking respectively on "F8" and "F9":

    - To modify the general settings of annotations and DICOM information such as font, size and color: See "How to modify the fonts and colors?".
    - To modify the general settings of opening different series: See "How to change the opening layout of series?".
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