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How to play an image stack?

You can manually or automatically play an image stack.

Manual stack play

When displaying a series, you can manually play the stack with 2 methods, by the scroll wheel of your mouse, or by the slider in the top right corner of the display area.

Method with the slider:
  1. Bring your mouse cursor on the slider and press the left mouse button.
  2. While holding the left mouse button, drag your mouse to the right to manually play the stack.
  3. You can move the slider to the left to play the stack in reverse.
  4. Release the left mouse button.

Method with the scroll wheel:
  1. Bring your mouse cursor on the display area that you want to play
  2. Roll the scroll wheel of your mouse toward you to play the stack.
  3. Roll it away from you to play the stack in backward order.

  4. Note:
    If you have several displayed series, you can synchronize them by clicking on the "Synchro" button: See "How to synchronize the displayed series, on one or all the monitors?".

Automatic stack play

When you display a series of images in a display area, you may have multiple pages. You can ask Onis to automatically display one page by one page at a certain speed:
  1. Click anywhere in a display area to select it.
  2. Click on the "Stack play" button to start the automatic playback of the pages.
  3. Set the speed of the playback with the slider.
  4. Choose the play mode by clicking on one of the 3 buttons "Normal", "Reverse" or "Swing".
  5. Click again on the "Stack play" button to stop the playback.

Other way to play the stack:
You can also play automatically the stack by selecting "Play" in the "Tools" menu of the top menu.
By this "Tools" menu, you can also change the play mode: "Normal", "Reverse" or "Swing".
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