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We are using anonymized images for research purposes.
All our DICOM files have a unique Patient name, but patient ID is mostly the same.
On top of that, the accesion number, study id, age, sex, date of study ar all blanc.

This gives us problems with importing images into the database.
When onis imports these images it gives some patients the name of a previously imported patient.

I know that Onis looks at more than just the name to index the database, and that the problem is probably because all the other info is blanc. But is there a fix or workaround for our problem?

We are using Onis v. 2.3

4/6/2012 1:58:51 AM


Onis uses the patient ID, study UID, series UID and SOP UID to index the database.
If you store two DICOM files using the same patient ID, the two files will be attached to the same patient.

Now, if those both files have a different patient name, Onis can behave in two different ways:
1. Onis will record in the database the name found in the first image and will keep it, even if the second image have a different name.
2. Onis will record in the database the name found in the first image but will overwrite it with the name of the second image if it is different.

You can choose between both behavior in the preference panel of Onis (in the local server setting page).

Kind regards,

4/23/2012 5:32:36 PM

This in my opinion is a big mistake
because if the file is small, you can try to export the patient with the same name, clear the exam exported and re-import it with the study_id patient_id or modified .... but if the database is large, the problem becomes unbearable, forcing you to have to export or re-import tens of study with the risk of not being able to match the number with the name of the patient
personally on a database of 2300 imported study I had to do this dozens of times to get an archive actually aligned .....
and spent the month trial in patients having riannileare the archive
the problem is that onis is wrong when it has to import studies but if it has to index files already present, IMPAX type, behaves normally with different name of patients that have the same id ..
because this different way of behavior??

best regards
bari italy
10/23/2012 7:02:06 PM

IMPAX server or OSIRIX server for exemple don't have a Patient table, only a Study table.
When importing studies, the patient's names and IDs will be repeated in the database. In ONIS, they will not be repeated. One patient id belongs to one patient only.

For doing CFIND Request, IMPAX and OSIRIX can't query at patient root level. ONIS can.

ONIS is used by many hospitals and clinics around the world and so far, we didn't really get any claim from anybody. Hospitals and clinics usually assigned correctly one patient id with one patient, otherwise it would lead to a serious problem.

May I ask why you have so many images using the same patient id for different patients? Two different persons can have the same name, how would you make the difference between them if they have the same ID?

Kind regards,
10/23/2012 7:40:51 PM

The main problem is that DICOM does not specify WHAT uniquely
identifies a patient.

I just sent the pictures to see what the problem may come when a radiologist has to import studies from other structures
from an archive of 230,000 study I exported 2300 study
in the view of patients onis displayed the list of patients like dell'impax.
the problem started when imported the study and assigned to the new location, using the same name for the same id
this is the problem that has been created in my archive
perhaps it would be appropriate to use a PIR (Patient Information Reconcilation During Image Acquisition.) to get the right place

for hospitals that have had no problems until I think it is always the same institution did not create a problem ..... but when exams are of different institutions without correcting any patient-ids could create the same situation for a few study resolves, but when there are many becomes unbearable
this is my impression that does not diminish the validity of the project onis, in fact I think it can do better by adding features that are currently lacking, such as the printing of the patients, the release of a CD with the header data of the institution that produced study and other

best regards

radiologia bari italy

is now finished my 30-day trial period and I must admit that Onis is a project still in its infancy but valuable, especially the viewer, fast, acquiring images of the study

10/24/2012 3:17:06 PM
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