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I represent a Radiation Therapy Institution in the Netherlands. We currently are looking for a dicom-viewer specific to our needs. Your product suits very well and we have great experience with it.

However, before implementing it completely within our organization we have one issue that remains, namely the centralization of the application settings. Therefore our question is: Is it possible to centralize certain settings of the ONIS-Viewer? For example, we configure certain Dicom Servers (Preferences -> Servers) within ONIS-Viewer of which we would like to centralize the settings. By doing so, we would be able to manage these settings and change them easily whenever necessary instead of altering the settings at each station seperately.

Thanks in advance
5/22/2012 11:31:56 PM


Please tell me which version of Onis you are talking about.

Thank you,

5/23/2012 9:14:53 AM

Thanks for your response. At the moment we are using the Free Edition to evaluate how well ONIS-Viewer operates within our organization. So far, we are very satisfied. But, we are williing to buy the professional or ultimate edition if this provides more capabilities regarding setting management.
5/24/2012 12:05:44 AM
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