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I am in trial for Onis 2.4. When I try to transfer a study from my server that has scan ducument (pdf) and attached word report, I receive the unknown error message for the documents and also the word report. Can they be converted to a form recognizable by Onis or is there a plugin for this?
2/26/2013 8:18:25 AM


Sorry but ONIS cannot display PDF scanned document at the moment. We don't have yet a plugin for this.

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2/26/2013 10:14:47 AM

DICOM and HL7 Solutions
DICOMIZER - Convert Image to DICOM

An open-source DICOMIZER Image to DICOM converter is also available. To use this project you should download and register RZDCX DICOM Toolkit

9/21/2013 4:09:28 PM


help page

9/21/2013 4:10:42 PM
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