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I’m worked on a workstation with the Version 2.4 Professional; this workstation (3 monitors) can be able to make the retrieve of studies which are on server DICOM.
If I choose a study with more series for retrieve (download from toolbar or import) only one serie is available in the local DB.
If I choose the function “open” , it restitute from Onis viewer an error (unknow error 104). On local DB, on the contrary, all series are available.
What am I doing wrong?
This problem is very urgent.

3/11/2013 10:34:11 PM


If you have already purchased the software, I recommend you to send us an email directly to
If you try to import or load studies from a DICOM server, maybe you can have a look also at this page:

Kind regards,

3/12/2013 5:34:28 PM
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