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We currently have 2 Ultrasound machines. One is a vivid q that has been working flawlessly. However we recently added a ATL HDI 5000 to the network and connected it to ONIS. The stand alone images transfer but not the moving images. I do get an error messages stating that the images are duplicate. Below is the error message. Is there anything I can do to resolve this or is this a compatibility issue between Onis and the HDI 5000 ultrasound machine?

19:24:54 03/21/2013 [DICOMSRV] (HDI5000 <--> PCCAPPPACS01) | CSTORE Request received (Move requestor: Move mgs id: 0)
19:24:54 03/21/2013 [DICOMSRV] (HDI5000 <--> PCCAPPPACS01) | No matching request found, process import
19:24:54 03/21/2013 [DICOMSRV] (HDI5000 <--> PCCAPPPACS01) | Importing file in local database: C:Usersadministrator.PCCAppDataRoamingDigitalcoreOnis 2.4TempTMPDCMSRVDCMSRV000000060.tmp
19:24:54 03/21/2013 [DICOMSRV] (HDI5000 <--> PCCAPPPACS01) | Retrieving Patient/Study/Series/Image list from database matching this file...
19:24:54 03/21/2013 [DICOMSRV] (HDI5000 <--> PCCAPPPACS01) | Selecting only visible items from all list...
19:24:54 03/21/2013 [DICOMSRV] (HDI5000 <--> PCCAPPPACS01) | Checking Image consistency with the Database...
19:24:54 03/21/2013 [DICOMSRV] (HDI5000 <--> PCCAPPPACS01) | The image is consistent with the db.
19:24:54 03/21/2013 [DICOMSRV] (HDI5000 <--> PCCAPPPACS01) | The image already exist in db.

3/27/2013 6:04:54 AM


ONIS by default refuses to store an image if an image that have the same SOP UID has already been stored.
The SOP UID should be globally unique and should not exist twice. In your case, reading your log, the image has already been stored then the new image is rejected. This is the default behavior of ONIS. You can tell ONIS to handle that case differently from the Local Server page of the preference panel. You can choose the three possible behavior:

1. Reject the image and send a failure status (default)
2. Keep the existing image, ignore the new one and send a success status.
3. Replace the existing image by the new one.

Best regards,


4/1/2013 8:06:13 PM
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