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Hi, How can I add the free Remote Client Plug-in to the ONIS free edition? I set up Remote Server on the ultimate version and I would like to use remote client on the ONIS. By the way what is the capacity of the local database in ultimate version if I don't buy MS SQL from MS? Thanks
8/30/2015 5:13:23 AM


The free edition of ONIS cannot load additional plugins. The Remote client plugin is intended for the professional version of ONIS only.

Without MS SQL, the database file size if limited to 2GB. However, the image pixel are not contained in the database, so it can load a lot of studies.


8/31/2015 10:22:50 AM

Thanks Madric, in regards to database, Can I use SQL Express 2008 which is the free version of MS SQL?
8/31/2015 12:46:06 PM

Yes, the express version will do fine!

Best Regards,


8/31/2015 12:49:03 PM
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