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When I type in the patients accession number, ONIS isn't able to find the patient. I have successfully searched and found about 60 other patients, so I know the connection is working. When I review the patient file in PACS, all the information appears to be correct. After trying to search in ONIS again though and then going back into PACS, the PACS program says the file is corrupt and will not open images, but then once I close out of the pt in PACS and reopen it, the images appear again and it seems ok. I'm also waiting to hear from our PACS IT also, but thought I'd see if you guys have any suggestions?

4/26/2016 2:53:14 AM


Just in case, try to reset all the filters in ONIS.
To reset the filters, bring your mouse above the header of the study list and click the right button of your mouse. In the context menu, choose "reset all filters". Then try again to search your patient.

Best regards,

7/21/2016 2:56:28 PM
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