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The quick fix:

We are currently running a QXlink server and are having problems so I downloaded Onis to see if we could use the viewer with the QXlink server to get things operational.

I had no problem connecting Onis viewer as a client to the existing QXlink dicom server, and all the accounts pull up. But when viewing the accounts, the Xrays images say (0) by each image, and they cannot be loaded as it does not seem to be pulling them from the server.

If anyone knows why or a fix for this it would be very helpful.

Long term:

At this point, I figured it made more sense to use the Onis server as well since they are built for each other, but the problem I was having was associating the older Xray data directory with the Onis server.

For example, unless I am doing things wrong, the Xray directory consists of a single directory with lots of indexed patients directories.

But in onis, when going to the "paths" their seems to be multiple directories. Primary, secondary, albums, etc

I need to be able to associate the datastore with the existing single directory and I cannot figure out how to do this. I tried pointing the Primary directory to the older single xray directory, but this did not pull up the patient accounts.

If anyone know how to set this up with previous dicom server data, this would be appreciated
5/18/2016 2:21:03 PM
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