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is it possible to migrate onis to another computer?

The computer we currently have as our PACS server is over 12 years old...pentium core 2 processor and we would like to migrate to a new i7 processor based system. I have installed onis on the new system, and tried the keys, but it gives me an error message when I try to enter them. Is it possible to migrate my current license to another computer?

I have emailed you several times through the website, with no response. I am honestly wondering if you are still in business.

any help appreciated

George King
PACS Admin Kountry Imaging and Massage

1/4/2018 7:42:07 AM

Please contact us to info@onis-viewer.com, we will respond asap.

Best regards,

3/7/2018 7:10:29 PM

Dear Madric

I have the same problem and I sent 100 mails in past 6 months and still havent got the response. WHY???
6/29/2018 7:13:50 PM
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