Can I buy your product in a form of CDs or DVDs?

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I have tried to contact you in e-mail.
But I've got nothing returned.

My question is like this.

I am trying to buy Onis2.2 Ultimate.
I have used the demo version of Onis2.2 in my Echocardiography Laboratory.
I am going to use Onis2.2 in two computers.
One is in my Echo Laboratory as the archiving server for Echocardiography and the other is in my exam room.
What I want to know is whether I can buy Onis2.2 Ultimate in the form of CD or DVD.
I need to buy Onis2.2 in the form of CD or DVD because my supply office manager said that they could only buy solid things like CDs, DVDs or books with official money.
So I need some solid meterials like CD or DVD to buy.
Please contact me with my email (

I am also curious how I can measure length in echocardiogram with Onis2.2.
In demo version, it always overestimated the length about 5 time larger than the original length.

I will wait for your contact.

12/3/2010 10:00:31 AM

Dear sir,

We have replied to your email address on December 3rd. Could you check one more time your inbox and if you don't have anything in it from "", please check also your junk folder.

If you didn't receive anything from us, please let me know through this forum, I will send the email to you one more time.

Kind regards,

12/5/2010 5:44:48 PM
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