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Dear supporters:

In onis2.2, the report and printing is greyed out, I tried all the ways to make it work but it's failed..
The patient can not be loaded anyway...
Is there any tips to make it work?

Many thanks in advances.
12/13/2010 2:41:59 PM


To create a report, you need first to open a study from the database window. When the images are visible in the 2D viewer windows, you can create a report by clicking on the small gear icon (from the small toolbar under the purple title bar). A popup menu will appear. Choose "Create a new report including...". From here, you can choose to include some images into the report (all, keys, or selected ones). After that, the display will directly go to the report viewer where you will be able to edit, save and print your report.

12/14/2010 7:14:30 PM
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