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Dear support

Is it possible to save( retrive) a static images from a series( sequence)? If yes, how to do it?

And what does the k image mean?

Thanks in advance!
12/15/2010 1:58:00 PM


Yes it is possible. From the database window, you can simply click on the "Export" button. It will export the entities that you have selected (studies, series or images). Also, you can export images from the 2D viewer with the "File | Export" menu. You can choose to export the images as DICOM, BMP or JPEG files.

You also can export directly to a CD or DVD disk. If you are connected to a DICOM server, you also can export the images into a folder or a CD directly from it (you don't need to import the series in the local database first).

12/15/2010 8:28:01 PM
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