the image information different in the information in the database?

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I'd like to know the 2 questions on the Local servers Configuration:the image information different in the information in the database:
1) When could it occur?
2) If it occurred by all means, how can you identify that they should belong to on record? In other words, how Onis link these image with the existing ones in the database record? I asked this question is becasue I saw the " update the patient table, update the study table, update the image table etc".

Thanks in advance.

2/21/2011 4:18:33 PM

Hello Aiyan,

To answer your first question, I will use 2 examples:

A patient will do 2 exams, one CT and one CR. The CT modality supports the chinese character set and the name of the patient will be written in the images using it. But the CR supports only the romanjis character set and the name of the patient will use only the A-Z characters.

If the CT modality send first its images to Onis, the name of the patient in chinese characters will be stored in the database (we use unicode format). Then when the CR modality will send the images, Onis will notice that the name is different (because the new name is using romanjis only). Then you can ask Onis to update the name with the one contained in the newest image (romanjis) or to keep the current one (chinese) in the database.

Another example is when an image is sent to Onis by a modality. Sometimes the name has a spelling mistake that is corrected at the modality side before re-sending the image.

Regarding your second question:
Normally, each DICOM image contains a Patient ID, a study UID, a series UID and a SOP UID. Onis will use that information to gather the images together, nothing else.


2/21/2011 5:24:13 PM
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