Onis 2.6
Onis 2.6 is a professional DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) viewer/server, compatible with all modalities and all manufacturers. It is the first medical application that can be adapted to your needs and workflow. It offers a unique set of advanced features, a powerful and dynamic annotations system, double oblique MPR, MIP Volume rendering, an on-demand viewer capable of displaying images directly from a remote server, as well as allowing remote access to all your images, annotations and reports, etc...Learn more...

We are proud to announce you ONIS3, a complete eco-system for the new needs in medical imaging!

  • Reborn as a 64-bit application
  • New product lineup: ONIS Site Server, an advanced PACS Server that can manage all your DICOM devices within your facility
  • PACS Bridge: ONIS Site Server can provide a single access point to all your existing PACS.
  • Built-in MPEG4 player in ONIS Viewer with streaming video play
  • Full implementation of hanging protocols, allowing mammographic layouts
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Onis 2.6 Professional

ONIS 2.6 Professional is a powerful DICOM 2D/3D viewer, compatible with all modalities and all manufacturers. It can load any of the plugins, has support for multi-monitor configurations, can display images "on-demand" and more. This package is aimed at professional radiologists or other medical imaging professionals.
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Onis 2.6 Ultimate

ONIS 2.6 Ultimate offers all of the features found in ONIS 2.6, but also includes the fast and robust full DICOM Server plugin and the Remote Server plugin letting you share your images, annotations and reports from any location. If you want a single package that fulfils all of your needs, ONIS 2.6 Ultimate is the no-compromise edition for you.

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Onis 2.5 Free Edition

This package is a great starting point from which to discover ONIS 2.5. It is completely free of charge and aimed at non-professional users and radiology students. It is compatible with all modalities and all manufacturers. This version supports only a single monitor configuration and additional plugins cannot be loaded. Also, the database is limited to 15 patients. If you wish to use Onis with more than 15 patients, please consider purchasing the professional version of Onis. We believe that Onis Professional offers very good performance and functionalities for a very affordable price.
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